Company Policy

Company Culture

Just as human beings, a company's existence on earth shall have its reason and mission. Recognizing that we have only one earth, JID would fully undertake its social responsibility during development. Only in this way would a company can develop a profound and lasting meaning instead of just making profit. Thus, JID takes the following as its mission: Continuous technology development for better human life; Continuous environment excellence to create a greener earth.

Business Vision
Though JID has become a professional company for PCB design, service, manufacturing and marketing in a very short period, JID hopes it can develop PCB related industry and become the leader of the industry on its self-created PCB platform one day. That is JID's business vision.

Core Values
JID's core values are people-oriented, integrity, responsibility and excellence. With these core values, JID care employees and always pay attention to the values of integrity. Everyone aims to be excellent through taking his own responsibility, and we take excellence as a habit.

Business Strategy
Ensuring profitability、Maintaining growth、Restructuring、Expanding demand in China(2013).

Pentagon of JID
Pentagon of JID includes employee, customer, strategic partner, shareholder and society which are the important cornerstone for JID development. In order to provide products of good quality to our customer, we need to get the employees' acceptance and conscientiousness. There is a big supply chain behind JID--partners who work shoulder to shoulder with JID, along with the support from the share holders and basic facilities from the government. The above five circles are all important to JID. At the same time, if JID earns money, he can give employees better salary, wellbeing and life, give our customer better PCB, grow with our partners and express our gratitude to shareholders as well as pay tax to the government for construction. Thus, JID always take his pentagon as his backbone. JID'S continuous progress depends on the support from all circles.

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