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Life at JID
  • Wendy Wei

I Love JID

JID provides a variety of employment training and career development plan. Three of the main trainings include professional technical training, management training and Humanities General Education Training. For professional technical training, my colleagues will go through stages and degrees of technical training in accordance with his/her job functions, which step by step to enhance technical capability.

Among the management training programs, one of them is called "successor training Program". JID rotates promising and potential talents in different departments, different plants, and even branch offices that leads them to enrich their global experiences and professional development. Their future will become the mainstay of JID, thus, build JID to become an everlasting corporation.

In the Humanities General Education and Training, JID provides diversified courses every week. We intended to absorb new knowledge in the provision of colleagues. The courses are including physical and mental health seminars, PCB industry related information, the speech from entrepreneurs and successful people. This subject is aiming to help my colleagues to have a broader vision, deepen the insight, so that they will grow faster, and becomes mature and robust.

JID is also very concerned about the quality of leisure time in employees, so we provide free Internet cafe, laundry service, film shows, field trip to expand the activities of training, etc., staff itself has also set up like the Basketball Club, Badminton Club, Chess Club, Dance Club, etc. 10 a variety of societies, and these have enriched the lives of employees, their bodies and minds to the balanced development.

JID has a big, big stage, a group of like-minded partners, we have a common dream. This is why lots of people are fascinated about.

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