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  • Celia Change

No insistence no gains!

For a newly-graduate, how to get treasured experience to be an elite in occupational career? The answer is that you should join in this company in which there is comprehensive training system for new staff, stage for new person to experience and toughen and tutorship system for reserved cadres. This company is named JID.

If you want to make success, you need some belief of insistence. If you want to have qualitative leap, you need quantities accumulation. But during the accumulating process, it is easy to be confused. For almost every newly cadre, it is an accumulating stage in the former three years. For me, it is also the same. And during this period, I can’t help but ask myself what I have learnt. After thinking over, nothing has been get. However, after three years passed, when I stick to the same as usual, I suddenly find that I have learned a lot. I find that I have been familiar with management system of this company; I find that I have had the confidence to express my opinions; I find that I have attained experience that belong to myself and been approved by supervisor and customer; I find that I have been far from innocence and start to be independent. I find that I have started to be a leader and have created a space belonged to myself.

No insistence no gains. Whatever you have belonged to JID or you will join in this company; please believe that if you have some of insistence, you will learn a lot.

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