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Life at JID
  • James Wang

To be happiness, JID is your best choice.

Core value of JID is people-orientation, integrity, responsibility and excellence. Speaking of people-orientation, it mainly manifests in following aspects.

Firstly, we have regulated leave system which is in strict compliance with national laws.

Secondly, we have well-equipped living and recreational facilities like free dining hall, cafeteria, bank and post office which satisfy all your need for convenient life in plant. If you like sports, we also have basketball court and football field where you may sweat hard with zeal.

Thirdly, JID provides staff bus to and from the plant and neighboring towns for stuff safety concerns.

Fourthly, tutors will be assigned to new stuff for on-the-job training. Furthermore, there are many other training classes including class for academic degree. If you are willing to continue your academic life, this class is a very good opportunity to recharge yourself.

In the end, people-orientation is to create a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment and let every employee enjoys working there.JID provides best basic life necessities and guarantees you pleasant, safe and comfortable studying and working environment. To be happiness, JID is your best choice.

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