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The Successful Completion of the Training for Managers on 9th, March
Source: JID-PCB HR Dept.    2013-03-09

“The Role Cognition and Competence of Middle-level Manager”training organized by Personnel Administration Department on 9th, March has came to a successful completion. The training mainly aimed at enterprise managers with Monkey Management, Fishbone Diagram, SWOT analysis etc.. Meanwhile, the solutions to how to motivate manager’s sense of responsibility, confidence, leadership, and the adaptability to changes when they are confronted with the difficulties and challenges, what kind of way of thinking that managers should possess, and how to cultivate and stimulate the employers initiatives, all these problems have been found in this training. As a member of JID, no matter as garss-roots employees or as middle-level managers, the individual qualities and professional competency will be greatly valued. Adhering to this principle, we will organize more training in the future, striving for the goal of making JID a world-class PCB enterprise.

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