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Middle-Autumn Day outdoor Activities
Source: JID-PCB HR Dept.    2013-09-21

In order to allow employees to have a happy, get-together Mid-Autumn Festival, our company held special outdoor activities which comprise two main items: outdoor barbecue and live CS game. September 19 is the Mid-Autumn Day. At 8:30 with cloudy morning, we depart punctually for the barbecue base. In the car, everyone introduced self and performed a small program, with laughter all the way. At 10:20, we arrived at the base and began to distribute food materials and barbecue started. We divided into five groups, Each group leader is responsible to manage staff and recipients of various materials. Even though outside the company, we must also ensure that there are orderly and methodical in our team. After two and a half hours of barbecue, we run into next program--- Live CS Battle. We divided into two groups to play against each other. After the coach's on-site instruction, tactical explanations, two teams began a fierce battle, and eventually gave birth to the winning side. After that, we awarded the prize of "JID sharpshooter".  At 16:30 pm, we departed back for the company, making the successful conclusion of the day's activities.

After today event, we deeply feel the importance of teamwork, which is our main target to have this activity. No matter in the event, or at work, team is such a place to maximize personal abilities. This is also our first time to host such outdoor activities, and we will continue to organize more interesting and meaningful activities in future so as to enrich our cultural life and enhance employees' sense of belonging JID family.

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